Stand By Me

In 1986 there was a film out called Stand By Me (30 years ago now, wow, how time flies). Which I’m sure most film buffs would have heard of. For those of you that haven’t, the film is about 4 twelve year old boys who all have problems in their family life. They go on a journey following a train track to find a dead body. At the end of the film is a great quote by one of the boys who is now grown up and whom wrote the story which reads “I never had friends like the ones I had when i was twelve, Jesus does anyone”.

After that quote has been read the beautiful Ben E King music kicks in and I have to stop myself from crying. Why ? Because it makes me think of the 5 Friends I grew up with. We lived in a place where there were 31 houses in our area. We knew everyone who lived in those 31 houses, we probably had nicknames for more than half.

Here are a few…..Pufter Perkins, Flee Bags, Big Dave, Mad Max.

We all knew each other inside out, strenghts,weaknesses,looks,leadership qualities, smoothness with the girls. We camped out together, got in trouble, played all kinds of different sports against each other,took off on day trips, bike rides,fought, argued, fell out, played computer games, went out with the same girls, dared each other to do crazy stuff.

Now as thirty something year olds sometimes we don’t get to see each for 2/3 years.Due to work and family life. When we do it’s like we have never missed a beat. We rip on each other straight away. I’m going to write a blog on each one of these 5 friends. For now………..






“I never had friends like the ones I had when I was twelve, Jesus does anyone”


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