I’ve always been an animal lover. I think it’s in our nature to love and be protective over the defenceless, it certainly should be. Dogs are very reliant on us humans. I’ve always had a love for dogs and wanted my own. When I was 5 years old my mum and dad got my sister a Little Jack Russell Puppy for her 13th Birthday. They called him Scamp. He looked very much like the dog from the American sitcom Frasier for those of you who’ve seen it. I remember when he was brought into the house with a little green ribbon tied around his neck in a bow. My sister and all her friends were showering him with attention. I sat on the steps crying because I couldn’t get to stroke him.

He was part of the family for 16 years, If memory serves me right he died when I was 21. I cried too when he passed away. My dad said those famous words ‘never again’ after Scamp passed away as it upset him so much. Though 2 years later he gave in and got a Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross. They called him Oscar, he’s still going strong today at 14.

Back in 2010 I was on a lads holiday in Greece. There was a dog we believed to be a stray that I’d sometimes feed. He was Labrador cross. He wouldn’t let you near him so I’d put the food down and walk away. When the coach came to pick us up on the last day, the dog followed the coach for about 3 or 4  miles. Staring straight at me. My friends couldn’t believe it. I guess I’ve always been that guy that animals warm too. Looking back I wish I could have done more but just didn’t know where to start. One thing it did do was reiterate the fact I wanted a dog.

This wasn’t going to be easy. I worked 5 days a week on shifts and back then I was a bit obsessive with going to the gym. My plan was to get a dog that I can go running with on the canal through the woods etc, and quit the gym. I had a girlfriend at the time who worked 9-5 and given my mum and dad could help with walks, it was game on. I had to research a little on what dog would be suitable for me (dogs 101 videos on youtube may help if you’re unsure what breed to get) . I thought the gun dog type would be best. A dog that is big, bright and reasonably easy to train. At first I looked at getting a Weimaraner, which is a very handsome breed. Then I decided there’s only one breed for me. Labrador….

I looked online and found a litter of 9 Labrador Puppies, 7 yellow and 2 fox red. I liked the fox red colour, nice to be a bit different. I phoned and met the owners, a lovely family, they explained that their dog was only going to have this one litter. We did everything you’re supposed to, saw the puppies with mom, checked vaccinations were up to date etc….Now it was just about choosing one. My ex Liz liked the look of the biggest pup which kind of bruised it’s way through the rest. Then I saw one of the fox red coloured ones breeze through the rest without a care in the world with a certain elegance. A bit like the scene in Shawshank Redemption when Andy Dufresne walks in the prison yard. He walked straight over to Liz, up her knees and stuck his head straight between her cleavage. We’ll take that one !

(Above is Leos first day at mine, 8 weeks old ) We’d been to see the pup a couple more times and at 8 weeks old he was ready to take home. I called him Leo, I like the name and wanted something easy to shout and for him to respond to. I had everything ready for him, bed, toys, food, lead, collar etc….They say dogs will always whine on there first night. Here’s another Shawshank comparison…haha.  Like Dufresne, Leo didn’t make a peep that first night. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on your perception I had the first few weeks of Leo’s life at home due to an accident at work in which I hurt my hand. It was great fun teaching him to sit, lie down, catch, come to heel (litter training wasn’t as much fun). I also took him to puppy classes to socialise him with other dogs.

It was soon time for me to go back to work. I thought the kitchen was a big safe open place and the least place he could do any damage whilst I was at work. I mean he was surrounded only by cupboard doors. I knew that Labradors were prone to chewing as puppies. So I’d done all I could to combat that. I’d bought kong toys, toys where there’s a puzzle to find the treats, balls…….all kinds of different toys and chews to keep him entertained. Cue the madness…Looking back I should have got him a big crate. At the time I thought that may have been cruel. He chewed skirting boards, cupboard doors, normal doors, chair legs, wall paper, plaster behind wall paper….. At one point I thought he was building a tunnel through to the house next door. Once I came home to find he’d gone through half a dozen eggs. That day we was going out for a walk with my friend and his boxer. That was the smelliest car journey I’ve ever been on !

Eventually he grew out of the chewing phase. It only happened from time to time over a matter of weeks but did cost me a new kitchen.It was all worth while. Now I fully understand where the phrase a mans best friend comes from. He’s now 5 years old. Today we went on a 10k run through the woods and on the canal. I take him on one long walk/run and a shorter one every day. A big dog like mine gets you outdoors seeing different places that I might not have otherwise. He comes away on most of our holidays too. On Monday we are going to the lake district to stay in a lodge. The Lake District is found in the North of England and offers wonderful scenery and walks around the lakes. (Below is Leo in the Lake District)

For me a dog brings so much into your life, they’re loving, loyal, comical and most of all make you a better person. Labradors are often used as therapy dogs due to their calm demeanour, gentle disposition and friendliness to strangers. Trained to provide affection and comfort to people in hospitals, retirement homes,nursing homes,schools, hospices,disaster areas and people who suffer from depression and autism.  I believe if you have time and you are an animal lover who doesn’t underestimate the commitment you should go get a dog. (Below, Leo enjoying the beach)

Me and my buddy Leotastic love each other and have a ball together (no pun intended). 

I just wanted to share that with you.


The Polish Girl And The Secret

About 5 years ago I was in a nightclub called flares. At that time I was a smoker, single and not very happy in my job. It was made obvious by this Polish girl that she was interested in me. I found this out by her physically dragging me over to her. To be honest I was more interested in dancing to Jackson 5. In the end I succumbed to her physical advances and we exchanged phone numbers. We were only to last 3 dates, she was a lovely person but not the one for me. Little did I know that on our last date I learned something that would help me transform my life for the better.

We called into her apartment in the afternoon and I noticed a white board propped up in her living room. I thought it was strange that someones living room would look like they were about to hold a conference in it. So I asked what the white board was for. She told me it was a vision board. She explained she uses it to write goals,dreams,things she wants to achieve, new things she’d like to learn, etc. I thought this was a great idea and asked where she’d got the idea. She told me she’d read a book called The Secret.

Some who have read The Secret may perceive it as hogwash or far fetched. I too can be quite a pessimistic person but I challenge anyone who hasn’t read the book that you will take something positive away from it. The book is all about what you want in your life and focusing on it in a happy positive way using the law of attraction. The book covers the aspects of your life you may like to improve, for example…. finances, relationships, well being, health&fitness. There’s a segment on gratitude which i really like too. I remember one section which says when you wake up in a morning say thank you after each foot touches the floor. Think of all the things you have to be grateful for whilst brushing your teeth. This could be anything as for most of us the list is long. I found this such a positive way to start my day. There’s also a segment on money too which tells you to visualise cheques coming through the post. I found this quite comical when it actually happened to me which I’ll explain further in this blog. large (1)

There are also a number of quotes in The Secret by the likes of Buddha, Martin Luther King, Socrates, Albert Einstein and many more. One of my favourites for it’s simplicity is “All that we are is a result of what we have thought” Buddha. Okay so maybe that doesn’t sound like rocket science but it’s very true. When I think of the house I live in, the car I drive, my place of work, food I eat, the places I travel, the books I read,fitness goals,friends I’ve made……….All choices made by me and have in part moulded who I am.

Since reading The Secret…. Just after I finished reading The Secret I received a cheque through the post for £5500 for an accident which happened at work. I also received a number of other cheques as I’d over paid bills.I stopped smoking. I met and fell in love with the woman I’d like to spend the rest of my life with (more about this in another blog). We’ve been together 4 years this month. I can save better than ever before with 2 incomes in the household now. I changed my working circumstances so I don’t work as many hours and also work in a different department which I enjoy more. I’m a much calmer individual in dealing with certain circumstances (road rage for example, haha). I write a monthly vision board on which I write things I’d like to achieve in that month………Fitness goals, Books to read, New things I’d like to learn, Home improvements, New meals I’d like to cook, running goals,etc. Also earlier this year I learned to swim. It was about time at 37 years of age. This months vision board included a bullet point which read….*Get into blogging…. So i guess The Secret might just be responsible for why you are reading this.

As you can imagine I recommend the book. Even if you don’t fall entirely for the theories in the book. Which the writer of the book would say you wouldn’t reap the rewards if you did not. In my opinion at worst you would come away from reading the book with a more positive outlook on life.

Thank You for reading.



Stand By Me

In 1986 there was a film out called Stand By Me (30 years ago now, wow, how time flies). Which I’m sure most film buffs would have heard of. For those of you that haven’t, the film is about 4 twelve year old boys who all have problems in their family life. They go on a journey following a train track to find a dead body. At the end of the film is a great quote by one of the boys who is now grown up and whom wrote the story which reads “I never had friends like the ones I had when i was twelve, Jesus does anyone”.

After that quote has been read the beautiful Ben E King music kicks in and I have to stop myself from crying. Why ? Because it makes me think of the 5 Friends I grew up with. We lived in a place where there were 31 houses in our area. We knew everyone who lived in those 31 houses, we probably had nicknames for more than half.

Here are a few…..Pufter Perkins, Flee Bags, Big Dave, Mad Max.

We all knew each other inside out, strenghts,weaknesses,looks,leadership qualities, smoothness with the girls. We camped out together, got in trouble, played all kinds of different sports against each other,took off on day trips, bike rides,fought, argued, fell out, played computer games, went out with the same girls, dared each other to do crazy stuff.

Now as thirty something year olds sometimes we don’t get to see each for 2/3 years.Due to work and family life. When we do it’s like we have never missed a beat. We rip on each other straight away. I’m going to write a blog on each one of these 5 friends. For now………..






“I never had friends like the ones I had when I was twelve, Jesus does anyone”

My First Blog


How much should I write here ? I guess I’ll try to keep it short and sweet. I’m a positive happy go lucky thirty something year old Englishman. If you and your loved ones all have your health you have everything right ? I live in the North of England in a place called West Yorkshire. Which is a great mix of city and country life. I joined this site to listen and learn about other peoples passions,interests,inspirations,hobbies,problems,opinions…etc.

I intend to blog about anything and everything that’s going on in my life and gone on in my life. I look forward to being part of the word press community. So be nice to have a few follows.

Happy blogging, Scott or Scotty whichever you prefer.

Ps. Sorry if my grammar isn’t quite up to scratch. I’ve been an Engineer for the last 19 years.